Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elder Jared Garrick

Elder Jared Garrick received his call to Bangalor, India on April 15, 2009. It was so cool to see Jared prepare his papers and get excited about serving the Lord. Jared thought he would be going in the states somewhere but I guess there were other plans for him. Three of Jared's other friends received their calls yesterday and Jared was the last. All the boys came to Jareds house to find out where he was going to be living the next two years. When Jared opened his call, he couldn't even speak to tell us where he was going, he was in shock. When he finally told us all, there was a roar of cheers. Everyone is so excited for Jared. Some family friends have a son serving in the exact same mission. He said that the best of the best are sent to this mission because they are required to be 500 miles away from their mission president which means they pretty much need to be able to govern themselves at all times. We always knew that Jared was one of the very best and it his call has made it even more clear to everyone who knows and loves him that he is an amazing person and will do an amazing job as a missionary. Congratulations Jared, We Love You!