Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010 Week 21


So I am starting off because I'm so excited and I can't wait to tell you. And no I have not gotten my visa. By the way, have you heard anything about my visa? They told me probably sometime after Christmas. That is very general, but it is sometime after Christmas now. They will probably tell me sometime after Valentines next. Okay the good news. Adrian is now on date to be baptized on January 23rd! Heck ya! The guy is awesome. We asked him if you wanted to and if he would prepare himself for that date. he said yes and his wife started to freak out. She was just in shock. She kept on saying, "Seriously? Are you serious this time? What does this mean?" He just sat there so I piped up and said, "I think he is saying he wants to be baptized." Anyway it was really fun and they are really happy and really excited about it all.

Other good news, I am going on exchanges with our district leader today and tomorrow. He will be coming into my area and Elder Cashin is leaving. But we are going to try and set a date for baptism with another family, the Smiths. It’s the father and his two sons. So hopefully that goes well and we might get at least one more on date, hopefully 3 though. So ya, things are going real good right now.

Last night I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and went to their area, Spanish area. We were in a threesome because there was an Elder from Murray, Utah who was going home today. I didn't know him though. He is also Spanish speaking so I just kinda hung out. It was fun though.

So how are things going with everyone back at home? Hey Whit and Pete, how is Kansas? I guess your all moved in now and getting used to it. How’s the rest of the family holding up back at home. So Lynds and Dan, how many times have mom and dad been over to your house this week haha. Well I hope your all okay and its only a short time.

My New Year was not the best. It was just a normal night for us so we went out and tried to see people but everyone was either gone or busy with family stuff and parties. This whole week has actually been really hard with the holidays. A lot of people cancelled and everyone said to come back after the holidays. So the holidays are over now and I'm hoping we can get back into the swing of things.

That’s pretty good the Utes won their bowl game. I guess they did okay this season right? And ya, I had no idea Urban Meyer was retiring. That is interesting what he said. I wonder what religion he is....

So you had a question about transfers. A transfer is 6 weeks. We are on Week 4 right now. This transfer will actually end January 24th. We get a call on Saturday and find out if we are leaving or not and then the next Wednesday of week 1 we get transferred. So we still have a few weeks until the end.

Well that’s pretty much it for me this week. I hope you’re all doing great. I was thinking that now I don't want to leave until after January 23rd. I have to see Adrian get baptized. But we will see. I’m hoping that with the new year the Indian government will start to get rolling on signing our visas. Take care everyone and I will talk to ya next week.

Elder Garrick

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