Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010 - Week 24

We received the above two pictures from Sister Pierce. She wrote the following: "Your Missionary had brunch at my house Today!! We had a P-day Brunch today at our home here in Pasco! It was the day before transfers! So there were a few goodbyes! We love your missionaries too!! From a fellow missionary Mom. I have a son serving in Layton Ut / Ogden Mission!"

Hello everyone,

So guess what happened with transfers?..... I am staying in Pasco! What's even crazier is that Elder Cashin is staying too. This will be 3 transfers together. Right now that is the longest companionship in the zone. It's not uncommon though. Elder Cashin was really hoping he would get transferred to the west side in Vancouver. I really didn't care. I was hoping I'd get transferred to India haha. Our district leader is being transferred and his new companion is going to be in a tripanionship. Another elder is leaving and he will be a district leader in his new area. They are awesome guys. They're so funny. I'll have to get a picture with them so you can see them. So everyone can still send their mail to my same address.

What is good about all of this is that both of our wards are really happy that both of us are staying. Last week I talked to the Stake President and told him about how hard it has been in these two wards. I'm pretty sure he talked to both bishops. but last Sunday we challenged the auxiliary leaders to do some missionary work. We created a packet thing and presented it to them and challenged them. We then talked about missionary work the rest of the meeting. It was great! The whole ward is very excited, especially the Bishop. I think we have really gained the trust of our Wards. Lynds and Dan you're right, there are the referrals where you go try someones neighbor and there are referrals where they invite to teach their friends in their home. That is what we are searching for and that is exactly what we are getting.

The Bishops wife is amazing. Her daughter has a friend that has been coming to Young Womens. So Sis Swanberg, the bishops wife, invited her and her mom to learn more from the missionaries. The mom declined, but she said she would let the daughter come. So last Sunday we had a great lesson with the daughter at the bishops house. The girl is 12 years old and I really think she felt the spirit. The problem is that the mom is allowing her to take the lessons, but doesn't want her to get baptized until she is 18. We will see. Then this morning Sis Swanberg called us again because she has another nonmember girl who has been coming to Young Womens. She again invited her and the parents to come to church. So we will probably start teaching them too. What is crazy is that all this week we have been praying to find a family of 3. We have tracted and searched for this family and we haven't found them. Then today Sis Swanberg calls us and tells us of this family of 3 she wants us to teach. AMAZING! That's what happens when you pray in faith.

So that is literally all that has happened. And this has happened in the past couple of days. If it wasn't for the past couple of days this email would probably be even shorter haha. Just not much went on last week. Oh something that did happen, Elder Cashin broke our shower haha. He felt so bad. I have no idea how he did it. But right now we are showerless so we stink. Haha Just kidding. Our members have let us use their shower. Hopefully it can be fixed soon though. Yup that's it.

Dad I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN! I hope you have a good one. I'm gonna try and write ya a letter today so you will probably receive it sometime this week.

I love you guys. Talk to ya next week.

Elder Garrick

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