Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - Week 26 - 6 Months

Hello everyone,

So thanks for everyone’s letters and questions. I actually have some things to write about this week. Thanks for the package you guys. Between that and the one Jo sent I have a ton of junk food again. I still haven't gotten all the way through with the stuff from like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I was low on the stuff you sent me so it was great. Thanks.

So I wrote a list of stuff I wanna talk about so I'll just go through that so my email may be all scattered. Oh well. First off, what the heck! You guys got palm phones with internet! Dad refused to get any when I was home. I have a brick of a phone that I share with Elder Cashin. I usually have him use it though. He never had a phone back at home so he likes it. Did you guys get the virus on the computer fixed? That’s pretty cool that the Saints won the super bowl, eh. Even though you say they are jerks dad, that’s pretty cool. Pretty crazy that Toshio is finally on his mission. He is probably enjoying his time in the MTC haha. I miss that place. Sounds like his farewell was great.

Good luck at physical therapy mom. Hopefully your foot will start getting better and you can get out of the boot. So Gran, you talked about Preach My Gospel. Yes that is what I use every day. I would pretty much be lost without it. If you want to get a feel for what I actually do every day, just read Preach My Gospel. I live by that book. I have also learned so much from it. Especially about basic doctrine that I think a lot of members just over look because they want to go into the deep stuff.

I'm glad everything is working out at Topeka for Whit and Pete. I can't believe there are so many LDS people going to law school there. That’s fun. Whit said I might be close to being a senior comp soon. Unfortunately she is probably right. I could possibly be one next transfer. I don't know though. I have pretty much been the senior companion since I started my mission. I tell you what, I have learned a lot from all of my mistakes. I'm starting to figure things out. And I cannot believe that Benton is a District leader. Man that’s cool. That’s pretty early to become a district leader, he must be doing real good.

So to answer your question about my weight. I have no idea how much I weigh these days. I'm thinking I'm about the same. I don't see a drastic change in the way I look or anything. But I don't have a scale to actually see. I'm at a healthy weight though so don't worry. And yes Cashin does seem to be rubbing off on me as you could tell from those pictures. The weather here is really warm for it being winter. We had those couple weeks were it was just bitter cold, then we had snow and ice, but lately it has warmed up. It still gets cold, but I don't wear my sweaters as much and I don't have to double up on my coats. I still wear gloves and earmuffs or a hat though.

So Whit, Belle is such a little copy cat. Just from the things you tell me she says, she sounds exactly like you. And I can just picture her saying it too. And I don't know if it was just that picture, but she looks so different. She is changing so much. And Burton, talk about roly-poly. He's a chunk, but he sure is cute. Thanks for your letter and pictures too, Lynds. I will answer your questions later. But those were cute pictures. That’s a sweet hat Mak had too. I want one. And the twins are skinny? They look chunky to me, but I guess they can always get chunkier. Oh and as for a cd, when I get home I will probably have forgotten how to play guitar and I will probably listen to my old cd I made and hate it and make everyone throw it away haha. But we will see.

So you asked about Adrian and if I ever see him or teach him. Normally we would teach the new member lessons to new converts, but it’s just a review of the lessons. We taught him some of the new stuff for converts, but now we are done. We still see him a lot though and they have had us over for dinner twice in the past two weeks. He is doing great. You also asked about how my other lessons and investigators are doing. Well...not so well. Man we are teaching Larry and Gage Smith. Gage wants to be baptized (he's the son) but Larry is just not progressing and we are pretty sure he is looking at anti-Mormon stuff. So a couple weeks ago in desperation we tried to get Larry’s permission to baptize Gage. He pretty much chewed me out and yes it was only me because Elder Cashin was too scared to say anything. He said Gage needs to talk to him. But I don't think he has yet because Gage is afraid to talk to his dad about it. We talked to Gage yesterday about it. I feel so bad for the kid. We have a lesson tonight with them, but I'm not sure how it is going to go. I just hope and pray that Larry’s heart will be softened.

Not much else is going on with investigators. This past week we didn't teach a lot of lessons because everyone was busy with stuff. It’s hard sometimes. But this week we are pretty slammed so it should be good. Oh I have to tell you the funniest story. So last week we visited this family that was potential investigators. We had the best talk with them. They aren't really willing to change, but they are actually Christians. They are good people and active in their church and actually doing good things. Most people we see who claim to be Christians tell us they already believe in Christ and then they yell at us and slam the door (not very Christian like). But our lesson with this family was really good and they said they respect us they just don't believe in the same things. They said they could really see that we love them and care about them and are only talking to them because they can see we think this is so important. It really makes me think about what you said mom, that there are a lot of really great people out there they are just missing the truth. If only they could look past things and see it. So we are about to leave and shake everyone’s hands. They have a pretty cute 17 year old daughter. Elder Cashin goes to shake her hand and she goes, "come on I need a hug after that." Elder Cashin goes, "uh, umm, uh, I, uh I can't sorry." Then he says, "I promise if I weren’t a missionary I totally would." Haha when we left I was laughing so hard. I told him that completely defeated the purpose when he said he would. It was funny though. I've been going around telling everyone that Elder Cashin hugged a cute girl. He is pretty proud about it.

Wow so I gotta hurry time is running out. To answer your questions:
I usually have a bologna or pb sandwich, Ramon, chili, chicken sandwich, or nachos for lunch. We go out to eat on district meetings and p-days. The weirdest or worst food I had was fish that was not cooked and had a ton of seasoning on it. That’s pretty much it though. On p-days we still go out at night and teach and see people. And we still make calls and stuff. If we don't know an answer to someone’s question we "take it to the grove." Really people’s real question is if Joseph smith was a prophet. If he was then that usually resolves their question though. I have been writing down the questions and studying them on my own time though. With tracting, we still do it, but we are running out of areas to tract. That’s why we are trying to do so much member work. But we still do it. We bike and walk half and half. Since it’s warmed up we are able to do so. Oh and yes I would love to have that Lectures on Faith talk. I keep on hearing amazing things from that. Could you send that please? :) Lynds I can't believe you are less active haha. I understand though. As long as you can make it to sacrament. That is the most important thing. And your family home evening sounded like so much fun. FHE really is so important. It must be if the apostles council us to do it so much. Oh and I am hitting my 6 month mark. Crazy huh. Time sure is going by fast. I'm 1/4 of the way done already!

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!! I hope you have a great birthday and I love and miss you very much. Sounds like you have a great day in store today and later when the family gets together.

I love you guys and I will talk to you later. Oh I might get a new e-mail address because ldsmail is updating. I will let you know. Bu-bye.

Elder Garrick

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