Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - Week 25

If you notice my pants are tucked into my socks. See how nerdy I am?

The Columbia Temple at night. Well hope you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I make Lyndsie proud. I'll try and take more.

Bonjour Everyone,

So it is another week that I am emailing on a Wednesday. This week we had zone conference so that is why I’m emailing today. Was everyone nervous about it? Zone conference was really good though. I saw a lot of missionaries from Kennewick. Oh guess where Elder Olsen is serving now. In the Kennewick park and Meadow Springs area in Kennewick. That is my old area! I knew that President Belnap wouldn't send us far from home base haha. So Elder Olsen was companions with Elder Smith for a transfer. Also President talked to us about our visas. He said, "The visa process has been a long journey, and it is going to continue to be a long journey." Eh I figured it would be. I kinda thought I might be leaving either this transfer or next, but it doesn't seem to be looking that way. Ah well. I was thinking about how much I’m learning here and I'm just figuring out how to do stuff the way I should so I actually don't mind serving here. I'll actually be pretty sad when I do leave to India.

So thanks for your letters and stuff. Jo, I got your package. Thanks, that shirt is awesome. I'm wearing it today. It appears that our area is looking somewhat better. We have been contacting some former investigators and we actually got a referral from the MTC. This lady has been talking to a return missionary who went to Russia. I think they are like online dating. He lives in Utah so she recently went to Temple Square to meet him and she has a lot of questions. We met with her last week and she actually seems like she is searching for something. She is really soul searching and I hope we can help her find what’s missing in her life. We also have some promising members who are going to invite their friends to take the lessons. Things are looking good, they're just not all the way there yet. But I'm pretty excited for it. Hey Dan, thanks for your advice too. You’re completely right.

I've really been focusing on the spirit again. It is just so important to everything. When everything feels overwhelming to me, I just realized that if I rely on the spirit, it will work out. Now I'm focusing on inviting the spirit and helping our investigators recognize and feel it.

So it sounds like Dad had a good Birthday. I bet you guys had a lot of fun. I was thinking how I was missing the weeklong celebration. It’s probably still going isn't it. I think that’s awesome that Belle and Mak are just like their uncle Gee. Belle with the hotdogs and Mak with power rangers and stuff. And welcome to the world of facebook mom, haha. Just don't get hooked on it like the rest of the world.

That’s crazy that Toshio is leaving tomorrow. And Maximus is already out in the mission field. Crazy. Tell Tosh good luck. It’s probably too late for that, he's gone. He'll do good though.

Well that’s pretty much it for me today. I will try and send some pictures. Also they are doing a new myldsmail. Hopefully it’s better than this one so we won’t have so many problems. So I gotta do that real fast too. I don't have much to say these days. Tell me if you wanna know more, I just don't know what to talk about haha. Well love you guys and I will talk to you all next week.

Elder Garrick

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