Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling Better About Things

We got an email from Jare today. We all felt much better knowing his spirits are back up and he knows Washington is where he needs to be. Here is what he wrote about it:

" Well as you probably know by now, I have been temporarily reassigned to the Kennewick Washington mission. I found out yesterday and was devastated. Its okay though I trust that the lord has some need for me there. And we are really hoping that the visas come in soon. the lady at the travel office said that they are getting really close and she doesn't think we will be there for 2 months like the last elders. I really don't know anything except im going there on wednesday. if there is anything you find out about it i would love it because i'm just dying wondering what in the heck its going to be like. I have been preparing for India and now I have to redirect my thinking towards Americans. Well its the same message right."

I knew Jared wouldn't be down for too long. That' s just not him. He will do great in Washington. Here's some other stuff he wrote:

"Umm..things i might need... potatoe chips. that would be great. Everyone loves the food you guys send. I have so much that like people from all over come over to the box of food...All day we just have class and eat and class and gym and class and plan and journal and sleep. that is my life every day. I'm getting used to it though. I'm always exhausted though. 10:30-6:30 is not enough sleep for a working missionary. I bet it will be even harder when i get out into the field. I have lesson 1 down perfectly. I can pretty much adapt to anyone i teach and still get the main points of the lesson through. My teacher said me and my comp really taught towards his needs which was good. Lesson 2 is coming along pretty good. Its much easier to teach and now we are learning about the word of wisdom.

So i did choir once and then we decided that we were too busy so we stopped. I do sing a lot though. Like once before and after each class and in between. its a lot and i'm learning songs i have never even heard of. I'm not yet like the nerdy missionaries who sing on the sidewalk with their whole district. We made a district rule that we would never do that."

All in all, it sounds like he is doing great. One of the cutest things he wrote in a letter to Mom and Dad was, "Thanks for the letters. They really brighten my day--even when my day's already bright." Gotta love this missionary!

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