Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letters All Around!

Well, it's been a great week for us. We FINALLY got an email from Jared yesterday, and then on Friday my parents got a letter. My mom called me to see if we got one, but I was disappointed to find no letter in the mail. But Saturday a letter came for Whit and guess what was also enclosed in her envelope...A letter for us! Everyone was so excited to hear from him. He sounds like he is doing so well. Everyone read everyone else's letters, which was great because each one had a little bit of different information.
He did tell us that the MTC food is not sitting with him too well. He's already lost a couple pounds. That kid can't afford to lose weight! And he also said that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like months. I feel bad for the guys that actually are there for months! Here' something funny he told us...When they first got to the MTC, they got to watch this show called "The District." It's kinda like the LDS missionary version of MTV's The Real World. He said it got pretty intense! I would love to see that. But he has truly caught the spirit. It seems like he is already learning so much and really making the best out of his time in the MTC. He's so sweet to ask how the kids are doing and how everyone is doing back at home. He thanked us for our words of encouragement, and he told us he writes them down in his journal. He said he feels the spirit 24/7, and that it's a great feeling.
We're so glad he is doing so well! It makes us happy when he is happy, and he sounds truly happy. We'll keep the updates coming!

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