Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010 - Week 31

Elder Cashin and I with the Henry's

Hey Everyone!

Hows it going? So as you know I got transferred to a new area. It is a way old town in the middle of nowhere. Our library isn't open on Tuesdays so we have permission to email on Mondays. So I'm emailing today. I guess I didn't get any emails from you guys because you probably thought I would email tomorrow. So my new address is:

210 E. 7th Street
Waitsburg, WA 99361

Yup that's where I'm living now. Waitsburg. The area is called Dayton, but we cover 6 little towns. Its mostly Dayton and Waitsburg that we spend most of our time in. The other towns have houses that are way spread apart and there are only like 12 houses in some haha. Its crazy here! The area has been closed down for 5 years and they have only recently opened it up about 4 months ago. So I am the 3rd missionary in this area since about 2005. Let me tell ya what, Dayton is completely different from Kennewick and Pasco. There are a lot of people who don't come to church so we do a lot of reactivation work. We have a few really good investigators that we are teaching. So I just found out that we only have 30 minutes in the library I am at. Wow that stinks! I think we might try another library where hopefully I have more time because that is ridiculous. Well my comp is Elder Buchanon. He is from Centerville, Utah. The kid is awesome. He has only been out 3 weeks longer than me. I found out that we will probably go home together. We are having a way fun time. Things are going good. Thanks for everyone's emails and letters. I will definitely write you guys this week okay. Sorry its a little late. Okay maybe I have a little more time. Well we live with members again. Their names are the Tolmans. They are pretty cool. Oh we work a lot with the seminary. We actually teach every Monday and then we go and help out on Fridays. So next Monday I am teaching the lesson. Pretty cool huh. I'm a crazy seminary teacher. Next Sunday we are doing this crazy program that we will be working on for the rest of the transfer. We have been promised too that we will have a baptism by April 17th if we do it. So we scheduled the font for April 17th. We have no idea who it will be but we are going to find them. Next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we are going to go out on double exchanges and tract from 6-9pm. That will be fun haha. This is gonna be good though. Oh ya we have a car so that's been nice. Hopefully I can get fat while I'm in this area. So ya its fun here. E. Buchanan and I are having a blast. And the people here are just crazy so we come away with a lot of funny stories. Oh I have to tell you about this referral we got. There is this member lady who is in the hospital. We have been visiting with her and she is giving out Books of Mormon to all of her nurses. Well she found out that one of her nurses read the Book of Mormon for 2 days while she was on vacation and then she took an extra day off to just read the Book of Mormon straight. She has read about 250 pages in 3 days. We briefly saw her and she said that she likes it and she would want to learn more. We are going to try and set up an appointment with her. That will be pretty cool. K I guess I better go. Sorry its short again. I love you guys and expect a letter okay.

Elder Garrick

So ya a computer opened up and now I have more time to email. Things feel so weird to me right now. I feel like I am just barely starting my mission now. I don't know how to describe it but things are just completely different for me. I know I'm not going to India anymore. Where before I was thinking, "Wow I have only been out for 7 months" now I feel like "Wow I have 17 more months to go." It just feels weird. I finally realize that I have a while before I come home. I'm not homesick though and I'm sure that time will go fast still. So with this area Elder Buchanan and his old companion just won the trust of a lot of people. They really made it so these people who have been closed off forever are starting to warm up. We are gonna do this area some good. There are hardly any members here too. Last Sunday I was shocked. Literally there were probably 30 people at church. It is so small. And they all knew about me before I knew anything. Everyone is super old too. We have one young family in the ward and that is about it. They are dying for some younger friends in the ward. Whats really nice about this area is that they haven't had missionaries here for a long time so I think people will be more accepting of us. A lot of people think that we are cops, but I haven't run into one anti person since I've been here. Really thank you for your emails and letters. Those helped me out a lot. Its funny because whenever I go through a hard time I can't wait to receive comfort. You all know how impatient I am. So I pray and I have always received that comfort through the scriptures and through the holy ghost. But your emails and letters give me that extra boost that I need. It still feels crazy to me that I am actually a Washington Kennewick Missionary. Elder Olsen and I were talking about how we have been thinking about India for about a year now. It has been our whole thinking and life, and now it is just gone. But its not the end of the world for me. Its different, but I can get through it. I hope you guys are doing fine. I'll respond to your letter in my letters okay.

love ya. elder garrick

Oh p.s. I probably need a bike. One of the missionaries in Pasco said his trainer is going home and was going to give him his bike. He said that I could have it, but he has no idea what his trainer did with it. He thinks it's at the mission office. I'm having the AP's look into it for me, but I don't know if they have it, so I might have to buy one. Bummer huh. Oh well. Also my missionary credit card got taken away in the atm. I was dumb and typed in the wrong pin too many times. Ya, I don't wanna talk about it. I'm an idiot. But the office is getting me a new card, but I might need to use my own credit card until then so if you could make sure that I have plenty of money on it. Thanks.

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