Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - Week 29

Hello everyone,

So just to let you know, I did send a letter to you. It took me forever to write, but I just sent it out yesterday. Sorry it took so long. I did talk about a lot of things in it though and I did talk about transfers. I will just tell you now. We will find out this Saturday if we will be transferred or not and then a week from tomorrow we will actually be transferred. I have no idea what is going to happen with Elder Cashin and I. There have been a few instances of a 4 transfer companionship, but it is rare. I doubt that would happen. We have been thinking about it and Elder Cashin has been here the longest, so he might go. But then if he goes and I get a new companion and then I leave to India, it will pretty much be like having 2 missionaries in an area where they have no idea whats going on, so I might leave. We really have no idea. I guess you will find out next week huh. Its okay you sent your letters to my house, but for next week you better send it to the mission home or until I tell you whats going on with transfers.

There is not a whole lot that went on this past week. I got Lyndsie's letter so I will answer a few of her questions. We have not met with the lady with her two daughters lately. Her name is Angela. She is so hard to get a hold of. We finally got an appointment with her and will teach her tomorrow. I never thought it would be so hard just to get appointments with people. That's like the hardest part about missionary work. Many people are just so busy and it's hard to follow up with them or even teach them because they are so busy. When we teach Angela we just need another Priesthood holder or sister in the ward to come out with us so we are not alone with her. To answer your question Lynds, Orinda is the girl the Bishops family has been working with. She is doing great. She came to church this Sunday! She got permission from her mom and Orinda really enjoyed church and wants to come again next week. She is doing great right now.

Our P-day last week was a lot of fun. We had steak and my favorite potatoes. It was so dang good. We just played basketball and then went inside and played a few games like signs and other ones. And I will work on taking more pictures. I stole one from Elder Cashin and got it on my camera so I will try and send that today. And I will try and take more pictures, there just isn't a whole lot of cool stuff to see in Washington. Everyone says its like southern Utah, without the red rock.

After P-day I went on exchanges with another companionship. It was with the Distict Leader and his companions (they are in a tripanionship) The district leader came into our area with Elder Cashin and I got to go to the other with the other two missionaries. It was a blast. That night they had an appointment with a 13 year old boy. He is so smart and had a lot of great questions. It was so easy to teach him. I didn't want to over step my bounds, but he just seemed so ready, so I committed him to baptism. He said he would! It was great. They are continuing to work with him. The next day we played basketball for our daily exercise and then did service and stuff. It was good. Our District Leader was with Elder Cashin all day.

Also this week we met with a lady in our ward and she showed us how to do genealogy work. Its pretty cool. Ya you guys are right, Dads side is pretty much done and there is absolutely nothing done on moms side. It was fun to see though. Right now we are trying our hardest to work with our wards. We are going to meet with both of our bishops this week and tell them of our concerns and ask how we can help. There just is not much going on in one ward, . The other ward is doing a ton better, they have the fire, but are lacking in how to put that fire into action. Hopefully we can help both wards. Well there's not much else going on. I go on exchanges with the zone leaders again this week, but I think I'm staying in my area. So no etoli for me again. no bueno. Well I guess I'll talk to you all next week. I hope you all enjoy having Whit back home for a few weeks. That will be fun for ya.

Love you guys,
Elder Garrick

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