Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - Week 30

Dear Family,

I know that you have all heard the news, but for those of you that have not, I have now been permanently reassigned to the Kennewick Washington Mission. President Belnap called me yesterday morning and told me. I am very disappointed. But I am going to serve the people of Washington to the best of my ability. As I am now staying in this mission I decided that I would probably need some more things. Yesterday I went out and bought another suit. It's just a one pant suit. I also got another coat. It looks about the same as dads, but it is a dark color and is warmer inside. Hopefully that should do me. I might try and get a backpack. I have used the one Mark and them gave me. Its great, but it it's difficult to ride a bike with. I only had a bag like that because I thought thats all you could have in India. I might try and get a backpack and then send this one home, because I'd like to use it when I return. Also I may eventually need a bike, but for right now I am okay. Mom and Dad if you could check the balance on my card and make sure I have enough money on it. I bought my suit and jacket with the cash I had for my plane ride to India. I want you all to know that as this is very hard for me, I am not going to let it affect me. I will go serve and do the very best that I can. I will be fine.

On other news I am being transferred from Pasco. My new area is Dayton in the Walla Walla zone. Yes it is called Walla Walla. I am going to be in farm country! I guess the town is really really small and the area has only been open for a short time. My new companion is Elder Bucannon and Elder Olsen knew him and said that he is awesome. I guess the town is really poor and like half the people live on welfare. And the best news.....I WILL BE IN A CAR!!! Man I'm so excited for that. That is why i don't think I need to worry about a bike right now. When that comes up i will worry about that but for now I'm fine. So I leave tomorrow morning. I have gone around and said good bye to people. Man it is so sad. I said goodbye to Adrian and his family last night. I said bye to Larry and Gage Smith. And I said bye to many members. the Henry's (the members we live with) are taking us out to Red Robin tonight. That should be fun. I'm really sad to leave. Even though this area has been hard i have met a lot of amazing people. Well this week we also started to teach this less-active guy named Neal Middleton. He has just recently started to come to church, but he literally knows nothing about the church. the bishop challenged him to take the missionary lessons. We taught him twice this week. The first time we had a really good discussion. He has had a big problem with drugs and alcohol. We talked about it and I committed him to start living the word of wisdom. I had never done that in a first lesson before, but it felt right. This guy is great. The next lesson we had with him (only a couple days later) he shows us and there is just a brighter countenance about him. He seemed so happy and cheerful. Usually he is the old grumpy guy at church. I said goodbye to him on Sunday and thanked him for the opportunity to teach him. He goes, "Oh man, Your awesome!" I just started to laugh. Its amazing to see how the gospel really can change lives. No matter how hard your life may be it can change. Well I will send you my new address when I get there. Love you all and thank you again.

Elder Garrick

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