Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures from a member in Walla Walla

A woman in Walla Walla befriended our family on facebook and posted a ton of pictures of Jared. We are so grateful to great families like hers!
Jared needed a bike so the members took he and his companion and a few other missionaries to the bike shop.

The Mullen's also took the missionaries to the temple. Jared is able to go to the temple quarterly in Kennewick which he is very grateful for.

They also took the missionaries to Red Robins. We are glad that even though Fatty is on a mission, he still gets his favorite Clucks n' Fries
The Mullens

Jared's companion is Elder Buchanan, apparently he found a street named after him!

Thanks for the pictures Ashley, you inspire us to be better to the missionaries in our wards!


  1. Awesome pictures...what great members!!!
    He looks so happy :)

  2. It is so fun to see pictures of him. He looks like he loves those other missionaries. I am glad things are looking up for him.