Monday, September 21, 2009

Best Letter Ever

Well I guess it was just our lucky week because we were the only ones that got a letter from Jared this week! And it was the best letter ever. He sounded so great. He said he was taking some advice that Dan gave him, which was to live in the moment, be his companion's friend and don't lose the fire. He also said he was really starting to look at Washington like it was his real mission, whereas before he was thinking his real mission wasn't going to start until he made it to India. I am so proud of him!

He said they haven't had a chance yet to go to the temple, but he was hoping to maybe go this week. He also let us know that he and his comp got bus passes, which must help them out a lot considering the large area they are covering. They are covering three wards right now. I told him about how Dan made a paddle to go with his longboard, and Fatty commented that he thought that would be very useful for a missionary who has to walk all day long. He mentioned that every time he takes a picture he thinks, "Lyndsie would be so proud." I sure am! I'm glad I don't need to be there to nag him about taking pictures.

Jared told us that he actually misses the MTC because the spirit was so strong there and he learned so much. He said it was kind of a shocker to go out into the field and the real world. Some days are really hard for him, but he pushes through and always tries to stay focused and determined. And he said he is definitely having fun! He said the good days definitely outweigh the bad.

He ended the letter with "I think this is the longest letter I have ever written. Your Welcome."

I didn't write everything he wrote, but it was so good to get such an upbeat and funny letter from Jared. It sounds like he is doing fantastic. He is having a great attitude, working hard and doing a wonderful job. Dad said when we get a good letter from Fatty it makes his whole day and his whole week. I feel the same way. Transfers are this week, so hopefully we'll know soon whether or not he will be getting transferred within Washington. We do know he won't be going to India yet, but I think he's okay with that. More updates to come!

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