Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15 - Week 5

Well we got another email from Jare. It was such a good one! His spirits seemed to be up, and he sounded really good. Here is most of his email:

Oh boy what a week it has been. Well thank you guys so much for the letters and the package. We actually bought some chips, but i went through that in like 5 days so I was dying for a while until the package came. Really you guys have no idea how much letters mean to me. They are so much better than emails because I can read them over and over again and then they come during the middle of the week too so its a nice surprise.

Well I made a list of things I wanna talk about and try to answer your questions so here i go. Yes I have been out a month now. CRAZY! It has gone by pretty fast. Only 23 more months to go haha. That really doesn't seem like a long time, but then at the same time it does. Oh whit thanks for your letter you sent to me in the MTC and wanted me to read when i got to Washington. I totally forgot about it until like 3 days after I flew in. That was nice to have.

Alright Elder Smith is much better now. Really I had been praying for strength and that he would understand me. Then later that night he said, "I had this idea that we should start preparing lessons for investigators." That was pretty cool. So we actually do prepare lessons for investigators now. We don't have a lot of investigators right now so we tract a lot. We haven't had much success, but then on Saturday we walked up to this guy who was sitting on his front steps. We gave our shpil and asked if we could come back to teach him more. He said, "Sure how about now." We just sat there like uh right now. Really? So we taught him about the Restoration right there on his front steps. He wondered why there are so many churches and he has asked a lot of people and no one can give him an answer. NICE! I have the answer to that question and our church is the only one with that answer. So he said, "Well i guess that answers it then." We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to pray and he seemed interested. Bad news is that we couldn't get a return appointment because he has a busy work schedule so we just gave him our phone number. Hopefully he calls, but if not we will probably just stop by. So that was pretty cool.

Sunday was stake conference and it was a broadcast from SLC so we got to hear from the President Monson. that was great. K we had dinner with this family called the Curnutt family and their grandaughter is exactly like Isabelle. Looks, personality and all. Its so funny, but she is super cute just like belle. Sounds like Bear lake was fun. I can just see Belle and Mak playing in the yard and having a Blast. Dad I'm glad everyone took pity on you and slept out with ya. Thats funny about the turkey and the coyotes. Dad whats worse the turkeys or the coyotes? I really missed not going this year. I always love it.

So ya it is only elder smith and i living with our family. I totally scrubbed my collars with a toothbrush last night and now they are perfectly white. AWESOME. And ya we email at the stake center so i have unlimited time. Thats why this email is so long and i probably wont send letters.

Ya so I hope Burton is doing okay. It sounds like he is. Keep me updated with any info you get from the Doctor. thanks for your scripture mom. That really helped me out oh and thanks for the scripture you shared with me too whit. that is one of my favorites too and it means even more to me knowing i can share it with you. it sounds like Mak had an awesome birthday. Thats fun you got to go out with just him. Oh and the invitation was HILARIOUS! I was laughing so hard. You guys did a good job with both belle and maks invitations this year. They were funny. Ya the elder going to san diego said they weren't jealous about us going to India because they don't have to deal with the dirtiness and disease. They're just lying. Have you heard from Elder Killpack? I don't even know if he'll call you because mission life is so busy.

Oh and I can't believe you found someone to set me up with already. thats impressive. At this rate, I'll have 24 dates to go on when I get home. Well at least she is almost done with highschool instead of starting jr high like some of the other girls you want to set me up with. Well I am still losing weight. Its only a couple of pounds but still. I really don't know what i'm doing. I think its because we walk so much and I only eat pb and J's and cereal. Last week we went fishing for p day and today we are going mini golfing. Well the bad news today is I found out I'll be here through the next transfer. Which means the earliest I could leave would be November 2nd and I'm guessing it will be longer than that. Well I love you all and hope to hear from ya sometime this week. Hope all is going good for everyone.


Elder Garrick

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