Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 6--Washington

Jared has now been in Washington for 6 days. We got a letter from him on Saturday basically just telling us that he is there safe and sound. It is so good to know he made it! He said his mission president was cool. He had just barely met his companion, and he knew he was going to be staying with members. We didn't know much more than that, so we were anxious for his email today. His P-Days are now on Tuesdays. Here is a little of his email:

"Well here I am in Washington. I got assigned to the Tri-Cities Area. I actually cover three wards, the Kennewick Park, Maple Springs, and Young Single Adults (Who by the way are just as weird here as they are in Utah). My companion is Elder Smith."

He let us know how things are going. Jared is moving forward and making the best of the situation. He is following all the rules, working hard, and setting a good example. I know if he keeps a positive attitude and works hard the Lord will bless him and bring him to the people that need to hear his message. Until next time, here are some cute pictures he sent from the Provo MTC:

Oh, our Fatty is a little Missionary!Jared and his District in the MTC
Jared and his good friend Nate Watkins in front of the Provo Temple
This is Jared and Elder Powell doing the Matrix in their dorm. Elder Powell is going to San Diego, but he is in his District. Don't ask me how they took this picture!
Elder Garrick and his companion Elder Olsen
I love this picture. It is so cute! It's with all his buddies that he got to be in the MTC with. They're all holding their badges up to the place they are going: Nathan going to Singapore, Taylor going to Russia, Bryce going to Brazil, and Jared going to India.
Elder Garrick and Elder Kevern
Here are all the missionaries that will be going to India
India--HERE WE COME! (Hopefully soon)

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