Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, Week 6

Me, Elder Olson and Samuel Smith

Well this week has been a pretty tough week. Most of the appointments we had canceled on us and we did a lot of tracting and no success at all. So its been rough. We are going to call and set appointments this week and then call and remind people and we are also making a goal to get some referrals from people. So this week is gonna be good...hopefully.

The fair also sounded fun. Pete and Dan I hear you two had more fun on the kiddie rides than Belle and Mak. I can't believe they didn't ride the ponies. Thats the best part of the fair.

Oh my comp is from Boulder, CO and he has been out for 1 year.

Well like I said we went fishing a couple weeks ago. I didn't catch anything Lynds. I did catch a lot of seaweed.

I haven't gotten the package from you are JoAnne yet. I'm sure I'll get it sometime this week. Maybe today.

Well like I said this week has been pretty rough. We have had no success. Last Sunday was our big Invitation Sunday where members are supposed to invite non members and the whole sacrament is directed to teaching the basic doctrine of our religion. No one invited anyone. So that was a huge bummer because we were hoping we could get a lot of new investigators. We had a bbq on sat for the young single adults and we gave a short talk about the restoration. We had to walk so dang far and it wasn't even in our area. When we got there, nobody was there. Only the leaders. So that was a bummer too. Not even the member single adults showed up. But we are really going to step it up this week. We have to make some changes because obviously what we are doing is not working.

Today for P-day I think we are just going to go shopping for some clothes for me. Nothing too exciting. I think everyone else might play basketball, but we can't because I have no clothes.

Well I love you all and I'll talk to ya next week. Oh and I sent a letter to mom and dad and then one to Whit today.

This picture is the home where the other elders in our districts live. Ya, they have a pond upstairs inside the house. Its pretty sweet. Oh and that guy is Elder Smith.

This picture is of our fridge/microwave/toaster. This is all we have for space.

My drawers where I put my clothes and above is our food storage.

This is a picture of my kitchen sink. Notice how the washer is draining into it.

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